Rise Early Tattoos

Rise Early Tattoos

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Pack of 2 temporary tattoos

Create better habits and be empowered. Goal getters, this is your reminder to dream big and rise early.   

• Hand-drawn design
• Plant-based inks
• Safe and non-toxic
• Made in the USA
• Size is approximately 1.5" x 1.5"
• Easy to apply with just water
• Lasts 2-3 days on average

Why Rocks de Vie tattoos?

Unite Teams

Temporary tattoos are a great way to unite your team before & throughout a match or tournament! Tatttoos will last 2-3 days on average. 

Inspire & Motivate

Keep your team motivated & confident encouraged while you play! Apply to your wrist, hand or shoulder at least 30 minutes before gametime, and look to your tattoo for when you need a reminder to focus & play your best.

Create Community

Rocks de Vie's mission is to create a healthy & supportive community of athletes & goal getters.. in season and beyond!

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