New Inspirational Phone Wallpapers for Basketball Girls

Hi! I'm so excited to be making these new new phone wallpapers / lock screens for you ballers. I know it can be hard as a female athlete & basketball player to find ANYthing made for you, so that's why I made these – for YOU!

For any Lady Vol fans or players out there, I also made a Pat Summit one :) Backstory: I was playing volleyball at the University Tennessee while Coach Pat was still coaching the Tennessee Women's Basketball team and winning back to back to back championships. One of my favorite college memories was when Pat Summit gave our volleyball team a motivational pep talk in our locker room before a big game. 

I hope you love these wallpapers and feel inspired by them. Let me know if you have any requests for future ones – sports, quotes ideas, etc. I'll try to add a new set each month. 

Please feel free to use, share or repost on your Instagram, Pinterest etc. If you do repost please tag me – my Instagram/Pinterest is @rocksdevie – I would love to see!

To Save :

Click on the image and then right click to save or just screenshot to use on your phone.

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