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3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Support Professional Women's Sports in the US

#1) Buy tickets to a local WNBA or NWSL game (or women's sport of your choice!)

Don’t have a team near you? Incorporate going to a game on your next trip. You’ll be supporting ticket sales & cheering the athletes on in person. Post pics or video on social media to help share the experience and encourage your friends & community to do the same! 🔥

#2) If you can’t go in person, watch it live on TV or streaming

Networks & streaming services are finally making an effort to show women’s sports. For the first time ever, the NWSL championship game was aired on primetime TV, on CBS, and had 916,000 viewers!

Mark your calendars, and boost live viewership for your favorite women's sports games. Show the networks that you care about women's sports, and want to watch more of it!

#3) Follow 5 new athletes on social media today

Help increase a female athlete's social media presence by following them and engaging with their posts. The more followers an athlete have, the more likely brands will want to partner with them and spend their marketing dollars with female athletes.

Need some ideas of who to follow? Here are a few!


Sara Hughes & Kelly Claes

Sport: Beach Volleyball 🏐
Former partners & champions at USC who are now back together after a few seasons apart (which their fans are excited about!) Follow them on their journey to qualifying for the next Olympics in Paris and try to take home the Gold!

Instagram: @sarahughesbeach @kellyclaes3

Kiki Rice
Sport: Basketball 🏀
She's currently playing for UCLA & is also a 3x gold medalist for USA basketball!
Instagram: @kiki.rice

Sophia Smith

Sport: Soccer ⚽
Sophia is a member of the women’s national soccer team & also the pro team Portland Thorns - 2002 champs! She just won the MVP 🏆 for the NWSL Championship Match!

Instagram: @sophiasmith

Image Source: Instagram 







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