"Never give up on something you can't go a day without dreaming about"

Rocks de Vie (Rocks of Life) stands for the realization that all is possible with the courage & discipline to put your dreams first. As a former professional beach volleyball player & graphic designer, I created Rocks de Vie as a way to combine my passion for art & sports. My hope is that these temporary tattoos inspire young athletes to believe in themselves, play their heart out, and never lose passion for their sport.

I create the tattoos using a combination of drawing & handlettering with watercolors, iPad Pro & Apple pencil, and some of my favorite fonts. Fun fact about me: In college I played for the University of Tennessee and used to draw tattoos on my teammates with milky gel pens during long flights & road trips!

Don’t see your sport? Send me a message, I’m always looking to add a new designs.

 xx Andrea